514 577 0199 / junia@juniaj.com

I am a curious polyglot seeking to utilize and expand my knowledge of -

Innovation, strategy, culture, audience engagement, learning, design, emotion, process, aesthetics, relevance, media, and technology.

In more concrete terms, I am passionate about the arts, museums, culture and languages through being -

a manager, a museum professional, an exhibition designer & a lighting designer.

Finally, I am very passionate about social awareness and engagement in the arts. Teaching, learning and the ability to empower are key in our global society.

Currently, I am the Chief of Design at the National Gallery of Canada

I have practiced both as an architectural designer and as a lighting designer in Montreal, Paris and New York. Prior to joining the National Gallery of Canada to lead the Design department, I worked as an exhibition designer, across all collections and departments, at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I hold a Master of Architecture from McGill University in Montreal. I began my career at the Canadian Centre of Architecture in Montreal, first as an educator and then as an exhibition designer. 

Please contact me for any inquiries at junia@juniaj.com
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